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hide(); , 550); ); ); No big surprises here – Harvard is well known for its leadership in life sciences, and also ranks as the world’s number one for medicine, biological sciences and psychology.

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Key areas of research include systems pharmacology, molecular pharmacology, and translational pharmacology. University of Cambridge, UKAs you may expect of Cambridge, research is particularly strong – the university outscores even Harvard on this measure. Major research interests at the Department of Pharmacology include cellular neuroscience, systems neuroscience, cell signalling and ion and drug transport mechanisms.

At undergraduate level, the department teaches courses for undergraduates studying natural sciences, medicine and veterinary science.

National University of Singapore, SingaporeThe National University of Singapore (NUS) ranks well across all life sciences, but particularly so in pharmacy and pharmacology - both of which have dedicated departments offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses Masters in Pharmacology. Website The New York Medical College's top coursework enables students to write a literature review paper in the place of original .

Pharmacy research focuses on areas such as medicinal chemistry, analytical methods, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, while key pharmacology research topics include neuropharmacology, cardiovascular pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, preclinical toxicology, and pharmacology of inflammation.

University of Oxford, UKAs ever, Cambridge’s historic rival is not far behind.

Oxford’s Department of Pharmacology offers taught and research-based master’s programs, and four-year DPhil courses.

Major research areas include molecular pharmacology, cardiac pharmacology, neuropharmacology, cell signalling, and pharmacogenetics This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website 3, Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology, journal, 6.718 Q1, 188, 28 5, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, journal, 4.072 Q1, 175, 143, 358, 25171 .

Karolinska Institute, SwedenOne of the world’s most prestigious medical universities, Sweden’s Karolinska Institute ranks well across the life sciences, but especially for pharmacology.

Its Department of Physiology and Pharmacology teaches at both undergraduate and graduate level, with key research areas including electrophysiological neuropharmacology, pharmacogenetics, pharmacological neurochemistry and pharmacological pain research. Most teaching is in Swedish, but the university does offer English-taught master’s programs, in fields such as global health, biomedicine and health informatics.

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Its Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences offers a wide selection of undergraduate and postgraduate courses – including combinations such as pharmacy and commerce, or pharmaceutical science with chemical engineering. Key research areas include drug candidate optimization, drug delivery systems, medicinal chemistry and medicine use and safety.

Imperial College London, UKBack in the UK again, at first glance you may not think Imperial is especially active in the pharmacy and pharmacology field – in its prospectus the only direct mention of the subjects is in the MSc in Infection Management for Pharmacists.

But in fact, pharmacy and pharmacology are central subjects in many of the taught- and research-based programs within Imperial’s renowned medical and life sciences faculties, including a number of research projects in collaboration with fellow London-based university, UCL.

University of Tokyo, JapanLike all of these pharmacy and pharmacology top ten, the University of Tokyo has strong scores across all indicators used in the QS Rankings by Subject, but especially for employer reputation The European Journal of Pharmacology publishes research papers covering all aspects of experimental pharmacology with focus on the mechanism of action of .

This seems to reflect a strong focus on practical training and career preparation at the universities’ Departments of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy – courses include elements such as six-month hospital placements and training in pharmaceutical business management.

University of Melbourne, AustraliaNot far behind its neighbor, Monash, the University of Melbourne is also well reputed in this field.

While it doesn’t have a school of pharmacy, its Department of Pharmacology offers majors at undergraduate level, as well as a two-year research training master’s program, two-year MPhil and three-year PhD programs.

University of Michigan, USThe University of Michigan’s College of Pharmacy offers programs from bachelor’s up to PhD and PharmD level The journal is essential reading for all researchers in clinical pharmacology. Chinese version of Website (中国版网站) 30% discount on the single-issue cost to authors on the purchase of issue(s) in which their article is published. The best thing about Bentham is the prompt replies, which arouses the interest of the .

It also co-runs several interdisciplinary courses, including an MEng in Pharmaceutical Engineering and a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry.

Research in the field is supported by a number of centers of excellence at the university, including the Vahlteich Medicinal Chemistry Core, the Center for Molecular Drug Targeting, and the Center for Drug Discovery. This top ten is based on 2012’s QS Rankings by Subject for pharmacy and pharmacology – watch out for any changes in the upcoming 2013 edition! In the meantime, see the current ranking in full >