Being well informed is critical to keeping your edge in the biotech space. Too many trainees keep their nose to the grindstone and don’t see what’s happening in the news (which, for those working in Kendall, is typically happening right across the street).

It doesn’t take too much effort to stay up to date, but finding quality sources in the first place can be difficult. So close your Facebook tab, let your PCR go a few more cycles, and get informed for a few minutes every day.

We’ve put together our favorites below; where possible, we’ve provided links for both the content and the RSS feed (if you’re not familiar with RSS, we recommend feedly). In case you don’t know where to start, we’ve also combined many of the RSS feeds below into our own single feed — MBG’s Most Essential Biotech News — which you can access here.

Let us know at [email protected] or @MITBiotechGroup if we’ve missed your favorite source!Biotechnology newsBiotech and health coverage with great columnists and East coast/West coast roundupsFierceBiotech (website) Specifically the Biotech and Pharma subsections, but all parts of the Fierce network are quite good. Poke around to find the pieces most germane to your workTimmerman Report (website) Subscription publication with excellent perspectives, news roundups, and more.

This news sources list was partially inspired by his excellent twitter roundup.

STAT news (website) New biotech and health science coverage from the Boston Globe Forbes (website); specifically, pieces by: David Grainger (biotech partner at Index Ventures)Luke Timmerman (biotech journalist, founder of Timmerman Report)David Sable (fund manager, teaches biotech entrepreneurship at Columbia)Matthew Herper (veteran pharma/life sciences journalist)David Shaywitz (CMO of DNAnexus and writer about healthcare innovation)John LaMattina (Former Pfizer R&D head, Partner at PureTech)Excellent biotech/pharma articles, particularly those by senior columnist Adam FeuersteinMIT Technology Review (website, RSS) A broad publication on all manners of technology, but with great perspective on biotech from biomedicine senior editor Antonio RegaladoBlogsBruce Booth’s data-driven perspectives on life sciences VC as a Partner at Atlas Ventures with great “In the Trenches” guest postsSynBioBeta (website) PlengeGen blog (website) Robert Plenge (former Harvard Medical School professor, now VP at Merck Research Labs) discusses drug discovery/development and human geneticsPharmagellan blog (website) Biotech/pharma consultant with great insightResearch journals and commentaryNature Biotechnology (website, RSS) The premiere biotech research journal, but also has great news and podcasts; check out Bioentrepreneur and the First Rounders podcastScience Translational Medicine (website, RSS) Excellent perspectives and discussion alongside first-class researchAlso hosts Derek Lowe’s illuminating, outspoken, and entertaining blog, In the Pipeline (website, RSS)The New England Journal of Medicine (website, RSS) The premiere medical journal with valuable perspectives, reviews, and podcastsFinance, regulatory, and business news